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We have been working with the Denali Borough and the Fire Departments to develop a Mass Care plan for the Denali Borough

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Emergency Housing

How Can I Help?

As of now, there are no reported/confirmed cases of COVID-19 within our borough. However, it's important to recognize that as the virus continues to spread throughout Alaska (including nearby Fairbanks), we will likely begin to see an increasing number of Denali Borough residents who are infected with COVID-19 or are symptomatic/likely infected (though have not been able to get tested due to a variety of reasons). 

As we all know, several public buildings within our borough have been closed to the public; others remain open, as their operations are considered essential. Several of these essential places have regulations or guidelines that, for example, limit the number of people allowed in a given building/room at any given time. All of this is to help minimize the number of people who are exposed to COVID-19 in our communities. 

But as the virus continues to spread closer to Denali, minimizing the number of people in our borough who are exposed also means working to minimize exposure at the residential level, as well.

There are many multi-person households within our communities. While symptomatic and infected residents should certainly stay out of the public, isolating at home may pose significant health risks to those family members or other roommates who may live with them. True isolation, in this sense, is not always possible. In addition to the elderly residents within our borough, our communities have many non-elderly residents with underlying health conditions that put them at greater risk. It is especially important for these higher-risk individuals to not share living quarters with a family member/roommate who is symptomatic or infected. In addition, many essential workers within our borough do not live alone, thus increasing the chances that those they live with will also become infected. In other words, while "staying home" is critical, sharing that home with someone who is infected can be detrimental. 

To minimize community spread, we need to come up with housing plans now to avoid scrambling later. We need to plan on isolating those who are at risk themselves and/or who pose risks to others in our communities. The hope is that we don't need to use an emergency housing plan here in Denali. However, we absolutely need to be prepared. Such planning is crucial for the health of our individuals and for the health of our borough at large. 

We have a few different needs, listed below. Whether you run a hotel or Bed and Breakfast - or rent out a small cabin or trailer, please consider how you may be able to help. You may be able/willing to help with only one of the following needs, or possibly any/all of them. Anything would help. 

1) Front-line workers (for example, a Three Bears employee) with continuous exposure risk who need to isolate from high-risk household members. This is certainly a need we would like to be able to address now, as earlier interventions will be most effective.

2) Someone has traveled and, upon returning to Denali, now needs to isolate from their household before returning. OR, a seasonal employee who has traveled needs to isolate before going to employee housing. 

3) Someone is symptomatic and needs to isolate from high-risk individuals in their household. This could be done in one of two ways: by finding housing for the symptomatic/infected person OR the high risk individual(s). With the chance of contracting from an infected household member being upwards of 80%, we think it would be better to remove the high-risk individuals to a new place. 

We are still figuring out what the requirements are to get reimbursement from FEMA. So, for now, if you are willing to donate rooms, that would be wonderful. While we want to make sure you would also be compensated, we cannot guarantee that right now. 

Also, staff would not be expected to enter/clean any rooms during an isolation stay. Those in isolation would be responsible for maintaining their own rooms during their stay. 

Are you willing to donate any rooms (or cabins, trailers, etc.) to those needing to isolate?
If so, please let us know the following so that we can establish a plan and be prepared.

How many rooms?
What is the cost per room?
What would you need to safely house at-risk or sick people? (Training for staff? Personal Protective Equipment? Cleaning supplies?)
When and how long would rooms be available? 
Do the rooms have private or shared entrances? 
What concerns do you have that we can address?

On behalf of Neighbor To Neighbor, Denali Borough, and your community, thank you for considering contributing to this need. 

If you have any concerns that we can address before committing to assist please let me know. 


Crisis Response

  • If you are sick, elderly, immunocompromised, or have recently traveled and are unable to get out for essentials, please email We can coordinate assistance for you.

  • If you need emergency emotional support please call 877-266-4357 or text 839863 for support from the Alaska Careline anytime day or night.

  • If you are in need of emergency medical care call 911

  • WIFI signal at the Tri-Valley Library has been increased, courtesy of the school district, and can be accessed from the parking lot. Please stay in your car and away from others. Connect to DBSD guest

  • If you need additional support or resources please email and we can connect you to the correct resources.

Designated Shopper

Do You Need Help Getting Groceries?

I am so glad you reached out and are doing your part to protect yourself and our entire community.

I am volunteering to be the designated shopper for our community to reduce risk and exposure for everyone. The more people we can keep out of the store the better for all of us. So please spread the word to your neighbors. I am asking that 
  • if you are sick, elderly, immunocompromised, or cannot afford to go out that I deliver to your driveway
  • if you are healthy and can make it to the Three Bears parking lot I will deliver to you in the parking lot of Three Bears
I have listed below what to expect. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. You can reach me at this email or 907-888-5835.

You: Contact your neighbors from a distance (via phone or email is best) to see if they also need supplies. If they do, encourage them to also reach out so that we can coordinate deliveries.

You: Email me ( a shopping list. Please try to think of everything that you need. But also do not hoard, as other in the community need supplies as well. Three Bears currently has a 2-item limit on supplies that are in demand.

You: In your email please provide a good contact number for you and answer the following questions
  • Are you in urgent need of food or do you have enough for a day or two?________ 
    • This will help with coordinating multiple deliveries
  • Do you have any food allergies? ______________________________
    • I have plenty of my own and very comfortable with reading labels.
  • If you are brand-specific for an item, are you willing to accept another brand if Three Bears is out of your requested brand? ___________________________
  • In the even that Three Bears is out of a requested item what would you like me to do?
    • substitute for a similar item (example: black beans for kidney beans or macaroni for spaghetti)
    • not get the item
    • call you *note that if I cannot get ahold of you I will substitute another item
  • Would you like your items in a plastic bag or a cardboard box? These are the only methods that Three Bears is currently allowing.
Me: I will contact you to let you know that I received your email and when to expect a delivery. We will discuss where the delivery will occur. Please be patient but again if you urgently need supplies let us know and if you can wait a day or too please also let me know that.


Me: I will shop for you following safety protocols
  • For each trip to the store I will wear a new set of nitrile gloves that are regularly sanitized with 70% alcohol. These gloves will be safely removed and disposed of after each trip.
  • I will spray the cart handle with 70% alcohol
  • I will touch only the item that I select and put into the cart
  • I will pay using a card and spray the keypad when I am done with 70% alcohol
Drop Off

Me: I will drop the boxes/bags in the location that we agree on before I go shopping. 
  • If this is at your driveway or other location outside of the Three Bears parking lot. I will call, text, or email you when I leave the store with an ETA.
  • If this is in the Three Bears parking lot I will place them near your car
You: Will wait until I walk away and then come to collect your items.

You: If you would like to sterilize anything coming into your home - be sure to let alcohol based cleaning agents dry as this allows for adequate contact time, bleach based cleaning agents should have a contact time of 10 minutes before being wiped dry. If you are making your own alcohol spay it should be 70% alcohol as this allows for proper contact time, anything stronger will evaporate too quickly.

In an effort to reduce the number of physical transfers I am encouraging that you pay for the groceries via electronic means through Venmo. However, if you need to pay with cash or an EBT card I have set up protocols for that as well. If you are having difficulty affording food Neighbor To Neighbor is currently collecting donations to support our community and is able to assist you. Simply let me know if you need financial assistance getting food and I will work directly with Neighbor To Neighbor for you. If you want to donate to Neighbor To Neighbor you can do so here

I am not charging any type of fee for my service it is all volunteer. However, if you would like (and can afford) to donate money for gas and my time, I am happy to accept it and will use it to support anyone who is protecting our community by self isolating or cannot afford food during this time.

Me: I will tell you before delivery the cost of your supplies and will include the receipt along with your supplies.
  • Venmo this is a free service to use. If you do not have an account set up with them you can do so here. There is a free app that can be installed on Apple and Droid devices as well.
  • Cash if you need to use cash please place the cash in an envelope in the location we have agreed upon to delivery the groceries to. I will handle the envelope and cash with gloves. If you do not have envelopes you can paper clip bills together, use a bag, or a box. Let me know what you have available and we will find a solution.
  • EBT card  if you use EBT cards and are in the Healy area please let me know. I will pick it up at the end of your driveway or in the Three Bears parking lot. I will pick it up with a clean glove, safely remove the glove leaving the card inside. When I pay I will hold the hard with the glove that it was stored in and then drop the card into the bag/box with your supplies. This will result it the card only touching the pin pad machine, a clean glove, and your bag/box. 
    • If you are outside of the Healy area and use an EBT card please still reach out to me. I will work directly with Neighbor To Neighbor for you to ensure that everyone in our community is taken care of during this trying time.
Thank you so much for participating in this effort and self isolation as we all work to keep our community safe!

If you have any questions for me please call 907-888-5835

Happy Hand Washing